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Be Found Online By Local People Who Are Actively Looking For Local Companies Like You.

Local People, Like You, Want To Use Local Businesses, Like Yours!

The humble Google Business Profile has had more names than we’ve had hot dinners.  You may know it, and still refer to this Google product, as Google My Business. Ultimately, whatever it is called, this little utilised form of marketing is, in our opinion, the best dollar for dollar form of advertising available to small businesses across Brisbane. 

We know that local people would rather use local companies, buy off local suppliers or visit local shops etc. 

We now offer you the opportunity to take advantage of Google Business Profiles with our unique service offering – Brisbane Google Business Profile Management. 

What Are Google Business Profiles?

Excellent question!

Google Business Profile Listings, formerly known as Google My Business, are a vital component of a business’s online presence. These listings provide essential information about a company’s physical location, hours of operation, contact details, and other critical information to potential customers. They are prominently displayed in Google Search and Google Maps, making them a powerful tool for local and small businesses.

A Google Business Profile Listing not only offers convenient information to users searching for products or services but also enables businesses to present themselves in the best possible light. Companies can upload high-quality photos, showcase customer reviews, and share updates and posts, creating a compelling narrative that encourages engagement and trust.

The benefits of having a well-maintained Google Business Profile Listing are numerous. It significantly improves local search visibility, ensuring that businesses appear in relevant search results when potential customers are looking for services in their area. This enhanced visibility can drive more foot traffic to physical locations or boost website traffic for online businesses.

Moreover, a Google Business Profile Listing can serve as a valuable communication channel. Businesses can respond to customer reviews and inquiries, thus demonstrating a commitment to customer service. It also allows for the posting of timely updates, such as special promotions or events.

In essence, Google Business Profile Listings are an invaluable asset for businesses looking to establish and grow their online presence. They not only provide crucial information to customers but also allow businesses to shape their digital identity, foster trust, and ultimately drive success in the highly competitive world of local and small business.

Google Business Profile
Our Google business profile managementapproach

Insight. Creativity. Action.

We need to get to know you, your business, your area and your target customers. Not only that, but we need to show Google you’re actively engaged with your business and your listing. Sounds easy, hey!


Data, data, data. Google Business Profile optimisation is very data-centric. We do all the boring stuff so you don't have to.


We will create and post content on a monthly basis to really showcase your business and the role it plays in the local community.


The money shot! We will do what we say and we'll do everything we can to ensure your business has the best local presence on GBP.


Great For Starting Out
$109 $99 / month
  • Two Posts Posted
  • Four Photos Uploaded
  • Weekly Review Alerts


Really Make A Spash
$170 $150 / month
  • Six Posts Posted
  • Unlimited Photos Uploaded
  • All Reviews Replied To
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • FAQs Posted
  • Ten Products Posted

Google Business Profile Features

So, what do we actually do to ensure your business is prominant and looks great on Google search results?
Google Business Profile Reviews


Depending on the package you opt for, we will read, construct and post replies to all reviews your business receives. This is a vitally important element of a GBP account as it signals to Google, and your customers, how invested you are in your listing.


If your business is eligible (and most are) we will add your products or services to your Google Business Listing. This is a great way of exposing your prospects to your services and products without them ever having to visit your website.

Google Business Listing Posts


We will post regular updates to you customers and people who see your listing. These posts can range from review showcases, special offers to general news that people will find interesting. We will source all materials and content meaning you can just sit back and do what you do best.


We will upload images, files and other collateral you have on a weekly basis. Again, along with reviews and posts, image uploads sent a lound and clear message to Google that you're invested in your listing.

I simply couldn't believe how many leads I recieved using the Google Business Profile account the guys at Loud set up and managed for me!