No Gimmicks. No Nonsense, No BS.  Just Simple, Honest & Results Driven.

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Ramsay & Nadia have been working in marketing since the mid 1990's right up to, and including today!  That's a long time and a lot of experience.

Have a read below to get to know us a bit more and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll buzz you back.

Social Media Marketing

Take a peek at the numbers below and that will give you some sort of idea about what We're all about and our experience.

We've worked in some of the UK's and Australia's Biggest Media Houses & Digital Agencies.  We Set Up Loud To Give Clients & Digital Advertisers Real Value, Honest And Frank Advice & A No BS Approach To Digital Marketing - Because, Let's Be Honest - That's What Most Agencies Do. We Don't claim To Be Digital Disruptors or Gurus - We're Results Driven & Passionate!


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Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

About us

Loud Digital Marketing


With over twenty-years experience in the marketing industry there isn't much Ramsay doesn't know about promoting your business!  He is a co-founder of Loud Digital and our resident Google Ads, Google My Business and SEO guy! 


He has worked for some of the biggest media houses and ad agencies in the UK and right here in Australia.


Nadia, or Nads as she's known around these parts, is a co-founder of Loud.  Nadia has worked in the marketing departments of some of the biggest names on the high-street as well as Australia's biggest independently owned digital agency.


There isn't much about social media and Google Ads that Nadia doesn't know about.

How It All Started

We've always been interested in numbers, words and advertising.  Ramsay was one of those weird kids that used to watch TV shows for the ad-breaks!  We kid you not - the more ads the better!


He managed to snare a job working in the advertising section of a local newspaper in the UK (The Review) in around 1997.  From there he worked for, at the time, the world's biggest newspaper publisher, Newsquest who owned USA Today and several smaller publications around the US and UK.


After a couple of years running a freelance service for small to medium businesses in the UK and Australia Ramsay started working for one of Australia's largest Google Ads partners managing in excess of AU$10,000,000 worth of Ad spend per year.


After four-years He moved on to, without doubt at the time, Brisbane's premier SEO agency.  He worked on SEO projects for companies you would have heard of and for companies you'd never of heard of until now!  We like to think he played a part in their success!


Nadia started out in advertising and marketing her Father's business in Perth.  Having been bitten by the marketing bug she decided to make a career out of it.  She has worked for several nationally recognised companies and has been responsible for multi-million dollar budgets and some pretty steep targets! 


Along with Google Ads, Nadia has a proven track-record of taking failing social media campaigns from hero to zero with her deep understanding of how social systems work.

Why We Set Up Loud Digital

Going it alone and setting up our own bespoke agency was a no-brainer.  As grateful as we are to the Media Houses and Digital Agencies we've worked for, we simply knew we could do what they did - but better!


On the outside, agency world looks slick and you'd think it would operate like a well-oiled machine!  Well, in our experience, it isn't and it doesn't!


We wanted to bring real value to our clients and be candid, honest and transparent about what we could do, what we would do and what the expectations are.  You see, in agency world, everything is brilliant and awesome and fantastic - In the real world, it simply doesn't work that way.  As a small business owner, you know what we mean.  You don't want the person that's looking after your marketing tell you everything is brilliant when your phone hasn't rung for a week!


As a group, we are inspired by people who are good at what they do and aren't afraid to tell the world.  As you'd expect, we watch a lot of Youtube videos about the digital marketing world and we're always struck by how much better the advice is from people who own agencies, they put their reputation and name on the line in the quest of excellence, hence our 'in-depth' about us page!

What You Can Expect From Us

We're good guys, reasonable guys, passionate guys!  


Ramsay's wife tells him he's too passionate about his job and the people he helps but he just can't help himself.  He very much approaches all his work as if he's a shareholder his client's business!


We've helped mobile phone repairers take their hobby business to one with six cars on the road and snake catchers from a one-man show to a team of catchers with national exposure.  We've lived every step of every journey as if we're walking in our client's shoes.  We celebrate the wins together and we analyse the losses and we ensure they never happen again!  As in life, digital marketing is a learning-curve.


We see every relationship with our clients as a partnership.  


We're so incredibly proud that we can bring our unique skill-set to you and help you and your business grow.


Oh, we do a lot of listening but we also talk a lot! Just ask our current clients!