Social Media Marketing Management

SMM, Search Media Marketing, Increase your presence - Call It What You Like But It's Vitally Important If You Want To Succeed Online In Today's Market Place.

What Is SMM?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Social media marketing includes all social media channels and tools.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc are the most popular platforms for social media marketing.

These days it is very important to market your business through various social networking sites due to huge number of users across the globe using the social media sites on daily basis.

The amount of traffic that a website receives via social networking is as much as 5 times more than it would normally receive without the help of these platforms.

What Is SMM Project Management?

Social media marketing is a term used to describe social media marketing project management at its finest.

It’s the development of plans, the implementation of strategies, and methods for measuring the success of your online campaigns.

Social media marketing is more than just setting up a Facebook profile for your business and writing enticing status updates on a regular basis.

It’s creating insightful content that resonates with people, as well as empowering and encouraging your community to take action with you.

How Much Are We Talking Here?

As always, it all comes down to cash.

As I mentioned above, We have no set pricing for SMM as each project is different. If you required dozens of pieces of content then your price will be higher other elements.

Over the years, We have discovered a more structured approach to SMM works better than the traditional scatter-gun strategy adopted by so called gurus.

Rather than doing a little bit on one element and a little bit on another with a smaller bit done to the rest, We have a laser focused approach.

If your content is lacking then we will focus on that initially, if the backend of your site is a dog's dinner then we prioritise that and so on.

This, in effect, means you could be paying considerably less on one month than you were on the previous month and vice-versa.

In saying that, we do have a minimum entry price of $550 a month. 

SMM Monthly Management Pricing. Inc GST.

Social Whisper

6% Of Our Clients Use This Package.

-Per Domain

-Two Campaigns

-One Landing Page

-Tracking Set Up

-Analytics Set Up

-24/7 Email Contact



$550 p/m

Social Talk

85% Of Our Clients Use This Package

-Per Domain

-Three Campaigns

-Two Landing Pages

-Click Fraud Protect

-Tracking Set Up

-Analytics Set Up

-24/7 Email Contact

-24/7 Phone Contact




$660 p/m

Social Shout

9% Of Our Clients Use This Package

-Per Domain

-Five Campaigns

-Three Landing Pages

-Click Fraud Protect Plus

-Tracking Set Up

-Analytics Set Up

-24/7 Email Contact

-24/7 Phone Contact



$880 p/m


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