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We offer several well-crafted services to our clients. We believe that an agency should only offer the services that they are good at and can deliver real results for their clients.

It is for this very reason that we focus on three or four disciplines; Google Ads Management, Microsoft Ads Management, Google My Business optimisation and landing page design and creation.

To make it easy for you to navigate your way around our services, we have detailed each of them on their own page! We have also given a brief description below to what type of client would benefit from each of our services! We’re really that lovely!

Google Ads Management

Google Ads is a PPC (pay per click) platform. As you have probably already guessed, you only pay when somebody clicks on your advert! Google, as a search engine, is responsible for around 95% of the world’s search traffic. This is the service you’ll want if you want to reach as many people as possible! We ensure you don’t break the bank or advertise your Brisbane plumbing service to a family in Buffalo, NY!

Take a more detailed look at your Google Ads Management here

Pros – Wide reaching, very popular, advertise where your competition are promoting themselves, targeted, trackable.

Cons – Can be very expensive, confusing if self-managed, very competitive

Microsoft Ads Management

Google Ads little brother! Again, Microsoft ads is part of the PPC family and operates within a very similar sphere to Google Ads. However, Microsoft only accounts for around 3/6% of global searches within their Bing platform. Why is this important? Well, the less competitive a platform the cheaper the clicks are.

The lack of traffic is often used as a reason why advertisers don’t want to advertise on Microsoft Ads. Ironically, the very reason why people don’t want to advertise on Microsoft Ads is the exact reason they should!

OK, so you won’t get the volume with Microsoft than you do with Google but the traffic you will get is far less costly and your return on investment is substantially higher per lead on Microsoft.

We’ve seen clients spending $10 a click on Google Ads but only spending $2 a click on Microsoft Ads!

Pros – Cost effective, less competitive, chances are your competition aren’t on Microsoft Ads, higher ROI on individual leads.

Cons – Not many searches performed on Bing, confusing to self-manage, not as many features when compared to Google Ads.

Google My Business Optimisation

We just love Google My Business here at Loud Digital. This is the unsung hero of the online marketing world.

Where else would you be able to promote your business to millions of people every single day on Google and not have to pay a cent for it! Nowhere, that’s where!

Google My Business is perfect for the local businesses out there looking to advertise to local customers who are looking for local plumbers, electricians, car detailers etc.

Google My Business is perfect for a whole array of businesses but has been proven to be particularly effective for trade-type clients.

There are no costs involved when customers click your listing. You get the power of Google Ads but for free! Well, that’s not entirely true but Google My Business is the perfect partner to go alongside your Google Ads Managment.

Open the gateway to free, limitless clicks by reading more about GMB here

Pros – Free clicks, gain local customers, a lot of real-estate on the first page of Google, more detailed overview of your business when your listing is shown.

Cons – Can take a while to start to rank, a lot of work goes into optimising Google My Business, only one listing is showcased on Google search pages at any one time, reporting is delayed and not readily available.

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