Meet The Digital Marketing Experts Here At Loud

The toughest thing we’ve ever had to do was get a bunch of digital marketing experts to supply a photo of themselves for this page.

As you can see, we failed miserably but you get the idea. Don’t you? You see, we have a digital marketing expert, a flower, Spiderman, a storm trooper and a dog working for you! Sometimes the best things come in strange shapes and sizes.


Ramsay – This guy…Awww…This guy! Loves Google Ads and all things PPC.  In fact, that’s all he ever talks about. Like, literally all he talks about! We get a coffee every day he doesn’t mention Google Ads fifty times. We’ve never had a coffee. He’s the ultimate digital marketing expert.


Nadia is our Social Media and everything PPC gun! She loves to travel and she’s always looking for new content to help her client’s social media campaigns bring in much needed exposure and sales!


Joe has a weird obsession with Spiderman! He’s also a top-notch content creator who researches every topic to within an inch of its life and gets tangled up in it like a web!


Heather is the glue who holds us together. Shy and modest, Heather looks after all our Admin, Accounts and has a mean-eye for Google Ads Management! She’s Scottish so can be a bit tough to understand at times! Buut dinnie telt ‘er wee sed thhat!


Grahame is a whizz with Google My Business (GMB). We hired him simply because his initials were GMB. As it happens, there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about the Google product he was named after. We’re not exactly sure why he supplied us with a photo of a LEGO Stormtrooper!


Buddy is our CEO. He’s the ideas man, the man behind the drive. The man who never sleeps. Buddy, is, well, the man! He never come into the office – something to do with health and safety, insurance and the terms of our lease!

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