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Our Google Grants and Google Ads Grant management is the perfect way to promote your organisation on Google.

From their humble beginnings in a Californian shed they have grown to be a behemoth. Most of Google’s revenue derives from their Google Ads platform. In fact, they make over one-hundred billion dollars of profit through this platform alone every single year.

As a company, Google have been great advocates of charities, not for profit organisations and champions of humanitarian issues. One of their greatest innovations is the exact thing that has brought you to this page; Google grants.

What Is A Google Grant?

Google grants are, in short, Google’s way of giving back. If you are a not for profit organisation (charities normally fall into this category) then you might be eligible for up to US$10,000 worth of free clicks on Google’s Google Ads platform.

Before you double-take and read that statement again, you read it right, US$10,000 of FREE clicks!

Imagine what US$120,000 a year of free advertising could do for your organisation!

Google HQ. Home of the Google Grant.
Google HQ

Is Your Organisation Eligible?

This is a question we get asked all the time. To be honest, there isn’t really a huge list of eligibility criteria that will determine whether your organisation can get the Google Grant. You can check here to see if you qualify.

As long as you have a good website, have been approved by Google and your organisation is in an eligible category, you’re in!

Why Do I Need My Grant Account Managed By Loud?

Another great question! Well done!

In short, nobody NEEDS their Google Ads accounts managed, but it can certainly make your account more profitable and perform at a higher level.

Google Grant management is probably slightly more important as your account has to meet monthly goals. If these goals aren’t met, the grant can be withdrawn.

Without going into too much detail or being too technical we have seen organisations lose their Google Grant status. It is vital your account adheres to the forever changing policies.

Firstly, you need to make sure your keyword quality scores don’t drop dangerously low. Google are always in pursuit of ensuring search results are relevant. A quality score is one metric that determines how relevant a keyword is.

Possibly the most important area to get right is CTR (click through rate). If this metric drops to below 5% then your account is in breech of the Google Grant policies that could see your Grant withdrawn.

How Does Loud Ensure I Keep My Grant Status?

Google Ads Grant management is something we take very seriously here at Loud Digital. We have years of experience in managing Google Ads and Google Ads Grant accounts for companies and organisations all over the world.

Most importantly, as a digital agency, we ensure we keep BANG up to date with all Google policies.

We implement a raft of automation to Google Grant accounts to ensure that we never ever get caught out. These automations range from automatically pausing keywords or campaigns based on the previously mentioned policies.

When it comes to Google Grant and Google Ads Grant management we don’t think you could be in better hands! All of our Google Ads specialists are Google Ads certified and have managed Google Grant accounts for years!

How Do I Apply For A Google Grants Account?

Google grant application form
Applying For A Google Grant Couldn’t Be Easier.

Above all, we never take on Google grant clients until we absolutely know they’re eligible for the Google Grant program. We would encourage you to apply for the Google Grant by clicking here. Alternatively, we can apply on your behalf.

If you’d like more information regarding Google Ads and Google Grants accounts, please fill out the form below or call. We’d love to heard from you.

In the meantime, take a look at this page from Google that covers off everything you need to know.

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