Google Ads Management

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What Is Google Ads?

In short, Google Ads is a platform that enables you and your business to advertise your services and products on Google.  Now, this all sounds a bit too simple, and in truth, it is!

With and PPC (Pay Per Click) platform you only ever pay when a prospect clicks on your advert.  In an ideal world this would be, well, ideal. However, in the world we live in there is a lot that can go wrong and a lot that does go wrong with Google Ads.

Google Ads advertising and other PPC platforms such as Bing can be an absolute money pit with minimal returns if your campaign isn't managed correctly - This is where we come in!

What Is Google Ads Management?

Again, keeping it simple, Google Ads management is when your account is managed and optimised to perform at and above it's potential.

Sure, you can manage your advertsing yourself but it is very time consuming and complicated if you don't fully understand what you're doing.  We always say that you could service your own car and tile your own bathroom but it would end up costing more in time and, in the long-term, financially.

For as little as three cups of coffee a day we can make sure you save time, make money and concentrate on what you're good at; your business!

How Much Are We Talking Here?

Ah, we don't need to talk money, do we? 

This is a line we've heard many Agency sales people come out with when talking to potential new clients.  Well, to be quite frank, yes we do need to talk about it! 

As a business owner, you only care about a handful of things, how much is leaving your account and how much is coming in are definitely two of those things.  We like to make this very easy for you so there are no nasty surprises.

To manage a successful Google Ads account it takes a lot of time, effort, skill and research.  We know for a fact that this can't be done effectively for $69, $79 or $89 per week!  These are the prices of volume, churn and burn agencies! Trust us, we know.

Our packages are listed below and start from $550 per month and go right the way up to our advanced offering at $770 per month. To make it easier for you to choose a package, we've listed how many of our clients use each structure.

It is worth pointing out that any expenses relating directly to clicks on your account are charged separately  by Google.

Google Ads Monthly Management Pricing. Inc GST.

Google Ads 

6% Of Our Clients Use This Package.

Perfect For Those Just Starting Out



  • Per Domain

  • Two Campaigns

  • One Landing Page

  • Tracking Set Up

  • Analytics Set Up

  • 24/7 Email Contact








$660 p/m

Google Ads

68% Of Our Clients Use This Package

Great For Established Advertisers



  • Per Domain

  • Three Campaigns

  • Two Landing Pages

  • Tracking Set Up

  • Analytics Set Up

  • 24/7 Email Support

  • 9am to 6pm Weekday Phone Support

  • Monthly Reporting 



$770 p/m

Google Ads 

26% Of Our Clients Use This Package

Great Choice For Growth



  • Per Domain

  • Five Campaigns

  • Three Landing Pages

  • Third Party Click Fraud Protect 

  • Tracking Set Up

  • Analytics Set Up

  • 24/7 Email Support

  • 24/7 Phone Support

  • Weekly Reporting

$880 p/m


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